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NMPS' s submerged UF/MBR


We have two types of submerged ultra-filtration (S-UF) and membrane bio-reactor (MBR) systems, which are spiral and flat plate. The former has more membrane area per unit volume, which is up to 480 m2/module. The latter is applicable to more particles, such as MLSS of up to 10,000 to 20,000 ppm. The properties of the submerged S-UF/MBR are as follows:


  1. Small and uniform pore size removes any kind of micro-particle and bacteria, and huge water flux.
  2. Air lift creates the cross flow velocity and reduces the filter cake thickness.
  3. The operating pressure may be low.
  4. The filter cake can be taken off by the backwash and aeration agitation, so that the filtration resistance is very low.
  5. The micro-particles can be sufficiently separated due to the small pore size, whereas no cohesion step is necessary.
  6. Cross Flow replaces Dead End Flow.

The performance and flux (m3/m2/day) of S-UF/MBR varies with the quality of water:


  Water treated Flux , m/d
  ≦ 300 NTU turbid water 1.0~1.3
  River/lake water purification 1.6
  Wafer dicing water recovery 0.9
  MLSS 10,000 ppm of activated sludge 0.6
  Tap water purification 1.5~2
  RO pre-treatment of desalination 1.4




The typical critical flux depends upon feed properties and application.



(left) single element spiral type S-UF module

(right) double element spiral type S-UF module
(480m2/module )



Turbid water purification flux @ 1.33 m/d. The permeate water flow rate is 133 m3/Hr of a 5 S-UF module in one tank.