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Flat plat MBR/S-UF


  1. Related technologies had applied invention patent in Taiwan and China mainland.
  2. The material of the membrane is a universal PVDF. The pore size of the membrane is 0.04μm and adjustable.
  3. The membrane pore is small and uniform, so the flux is big and up to 0.35 to 0.7 m3/m2/day. It may not have cohesion and can be sufficiently separated, and also remove any kind of micro-particle and bacteria.
  4. The thickness of one page of membrane sheet is only 1 mm. The weight of one membrane element is just 1.75kg/m2 (size: 0512), which is light than imported product and saves material.
  5. The strength and rigidity of the membrane is higher by the reinforcing bars (point) rather than the thickness of the membrane. These technologies have been protected by related patents.
  6. The membrane can be backwash with a certain pressure due to the reinforcing point, so that the flux can maintain stable. The filter cake can be taken off easily and efficiently by the backwash and aeration agitation.
  7. Cross Flow replace Dead End Flow. The thickness of the filter cake is thin by the disturbance of aeration cross-flow. Then the filtration resistance is low. Herein, it can be made very big membrane plate. The operating pressure can be low.
  8. Permeate water quality is very good. The concentration of COD, BOD, total nitrogen and total phosphorus is very low and almost no suspended solids. The SDI is low that can be used as the pretreatment of RO step. It is able to remove bacteria and viruses, MLSS can be up to 15000mg/L. the total volume of the whole system is relative small. It also can reduce the emission of sludge.



  Good permeate water quality.
  (1) Low COD, BOD concentration.
(2) Low total nitrogen and total phosphorus concentrations.
(3) No suspended solids, used as pre-treatment of RO process.
(4) Bacteria can be removed completely.
  MLSS up to 15000mg / L, system size is small
  Reduce the emission of sludge greatly.
  1.75kg/m2 is very light. Backwash design is protected by patent.
  The system can be backwash online without stopping.
  The related flat plat membrane technologies of MBR system are obtained Taiwan and mainland China invention patent.









Shape Flat plate Flat plate
Size and weight Pore size (μm) 0.04 0.04
Effective area (m2) 0.7 1.1
Width * Height * Thickness(mm) 520*800*11.5 520*1200*11.5
Dry weight(kg) 1.3 1.93
Materials Membrane PVDF reinforced with PET non-woven PVDF reinforced with PET non-woven
Support plate PVC PVC





Type No. MBR0508-33 MBR0508-50 MBR0508-66
Standard flow rate(m3/day)* 10 15 20
Number of membrane elements 33 50 100
Effective membrane area(m2) 23 35 46
Width (mm) 645 645 645
Length (mm) 455 650 835
Height(mm) 1350 1350 1350
Materials Frame 304 stainless steel
Permeate water manifold PVC
Aeration diffuser PVC




Type No. MBR0512-50 MBR0512-100 MBR0512-150
Standard flow rate(m3/day)* 33 66 99
Number of membrane elements 50 100 150
Effective membrane area(m2) 55 110 165
Width (mm) 645 645 654
Length (mm) 650 1225 1810
Height(mm) 1955 1955 1955
Materials Frame 304 stainless steel
Permeate water manifold PVC
Aeration diffuser PVC

※ Each size can be adjusted as customer’s requirement!

  1. High solids content, high turbidity, high COD/BOD industrial and municipal waste water which is difficult to treat by conventional methods. water reuse, and zero emissions.
  2. Higher value sludge concentration and recovery system.
  3. The wafer dicing oil recovery and value-added enhanced.


Related technologies had applied invention patent in Taiwan and China mainland.