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Spiral UF / MBR Membrane

NMPI produces special Ultra-Filtration Membrane which has very small pore size with extremely high water flux. Thus under a very low Trans-Membrane Pressure (TMP), it gives good productivity, this special spiral UF membrane can be back-washed and can be chemical cleaned by caustic etc, it is suitable for Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR). Besides the MBR application, it can be applied for the tough applications with serious fouling such as: CMP waste water, Bio-filter’s Effluent etc. this special spiral UF membrane can be operated as submerged or externally as UF. In general, MBR requires good Air Scoring and back-wash. The back-wash pressure must be much higher than operating pressure.


The standard of NMPI spiral S-UF membrane unit can be suit for food, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, biological products. The PVDF membrane is also suitable for the recovery of the ED painting, water/oil recovery in the textiles industry, and industrial wastewater treatment, et al.





Type MWCO or pore size Application
PES-10 10K whey protein gel beverage purification, enzyme, sugar clarification / decolorization
PES-50 50K Protein concentration, beverage purification, sugar clarify
PES-100 100K Corn wet milling, removal of micro-organisms, micro suspended particles removing for ultra-pure water
PES-200 200K Corn wet milling, removing micro-organisms and suspended particles, wafer dicing water and CMP waste water treatment
PS-50 50K Clarify the sugar, protein concentration, beverage purification
PS-100 100K Beverage purification, NF / RO pre-treatment, ultra-pure water
PVDF-70 70K Anodic / cathodic ED paint, oil / water separation, wastewater treatment in pigment industry
PVDF-200 200K Anodic/cathodic ED paint, wafer dicing water and CMP waste water treatment
PVDF 0.04μ S-UF/MBR, solar wafer dicing oil recovery, CMP particles concentration









Max. input pressure 60psi(4.1bar)
Normal input pressure 40〜60psi(2.7〜4.1bar)
Min. output pressure 10psi(0.7bar)
Max. ΔP 14.7psi/pc(1.0bar/pc)
Min. ΔP 10psi/pc(0.7bar/pc)
Max. operation Temp 113〜122℉(45〜50℃)
pH (long term) 2〜10
pH (short term or clean) 2〜11@113℉(45℃)





Type Feed spacer 34mils (PP net) Feed spacer 46mils (PP net) Feed spacer 120mils (PET wave board)
Feed flow rate GMP(m3/Hr.) Mem. Area ft2(m2) Feed flow rate GMP(m3/Hr.) Mem. Area ft2(m2) Feed flow rate GMP(m3/Hr.) Mem. Area ft2(m2)
4020F 19(5) 32(3.0) 22.7(6) 26(2.4) 28(7.5) 14.7(1.4)
4040F 19(5) 75(7.0) 22.7(6) 61(5.7) 28(7.5) 33.2(3.1)
4040F 19(5) 73(6.8) 22.7(6) 59(5.5) 28(7.5) 32.3(3.0)
6040M 38(10) 1.50(14.0) 45.4(12) 122(11.4) 56.8(15) 65(6)
8040F 76(20) 285(26.5) 90.8(24) 237(22.1) 115(30) 129(12)



★All the values are only reference. The pressure loss of each membrane element should be under consideration。





Type Length(A) Permeate pipe ID/OD(B) OD of element (C) Connector length(D) Remark
Inches(mm) Inches(mm) Inches(mm) Inches(mm)  
4020F 20(508) 0.748(19) 3.91(99.4) - 4”membrane element
4040F 40(1016) 0.748(19) 3.91(99.4) -
4040M 40(1016) 0.748(19),OD 3.91(99.4) 1.063(27)
6040M 40(1016) 1.237(31.4),OD- 5.75(146) 0.854(21.7)
6” membrane element
8040F 40(1016) 1.142(29) 7.91(201) - 8” membrane element
3838 38.0(965) 0.831(21.1) 3.8(96)   Excluding the baffle and seal ring
4338 38.0(965) 0.831(21.1) 3.8(96)
6338 38.0(965) 1.138(28.9) 6.3(160)
8338 38.0(965) 1.138(28.9) 8.3(210)

A standard product of industrial grade spiral membrane element covers the FRP. PVC or PP plastic package are also acceptable via special order. There are three feed channel, i.e. 34mils, 46mils and 120mils. Φ 4" and φ 8" are fit for the inner diameter of Sch 40 pipe, while φ 6 " is suit for Sch 80.





  Recovery of ED paint.     TiO2, Lignosulfonate of recycling in paper industry.
  The separation of aqueous oil and water.     Separations in food industry.
  The application of the pharmaceutical industry.     Dyeing wastewater and MBR.
  PVA recovery in textiles industry.     Pre-treatment and bacteria removal of drinking water.
  Latex concentration.     RO pre-treatment.
  Recovery and concentration of protein.     Wastewater recycling of Wafer grinding.
  The purification of enzymes.     Acrylic and CMP wastewater treatment.