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New Micropore, Inc. was established by Dr. Donald G. J. Wang, in August 1984, at the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park. Investors include the National Science Council, a government agency, as well as private investors.

    Our company specializes on the manufacturing, marketing and research and development of ultra-filtration, nano-filtration and reverse osmosis membranes, membrane products and equipment, and membrane separation system design and engineering,

 We own several patents of spiral wound membrane element/device and UF membrane softing method in China mainland and Taiwan. Our technological domains involve the production of ultra-pure water and RO/UF water treatment, and the recovery of the industrial and municipal waste water.

We received the Science Industrial Park’s innovation award in both 1986 and 1987.

We are able to produce CA, CTA reverse osmosis membranes and PS, PES, PVF, PVDF & PAN ultra- and nano-filtration membranes and spiral wound and flat plate membrane elements. However, we also utilize the imported RO and UF membranes and membrane processes such as: liquid-cell and EDI etc. in our system depending on the application.

Centered on the RO/UF and other membrane separation technologies, we design and fabricate the equipment/system for ultra-pure water, water desalination/treatment, water pollution control and waste water recovery. Further, we develop a series of new type of nano-filtration membrane for the application of small molecular weight products separation, which the molecular weight is less than 1000. These kinds of membranes can be used in the pharmaceutical, food and fermentation Industry. Especially, our UF membrane and devices can backwash, which solves the problem of membrane fouling, and result in to promote the recovery and recycling of waste water.  We develop a special type of spiral and flat plate membrane bio-reactor (MBR), and can realize completely recovery of waste water and "zero discharge".