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  Manufacturing, marketing and research and development of membrane separation technologies including RO, NF, UF, S-UF, MBR, et al.
  Membrane separation system design, equipment manufacturing, pilot test and scale-up, and engineering consulting system.,
  Different types of industrial waste water, including high suspended solids, water/oil mixture and high COD/BOD, recycle, clean and harmless emissions.
  Food, biochemical and pharmaceutical industry separation, concentration and purification technology.
  Desalination and ultra-pure water treatment technology.

  Manufacturing: different materials of flat plate membranes manufacture, pressurized/ submerged spiral wound membrane, plate and frame module technology, membrane regeneration technology.
  Independent patents of spiral and flat plate UF and NF membranes and devices in Taiwan and mainland China.
  System design and production capacity, RO, S-UF, MBR and UF system design and lots of engineering performance.
  300,000 m2/a of membranes and modules producing capacity in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park plant.
  R & D capabilities - with a variety of membrane filtration technology development capabilities, such as recovery of ED paint, wafer dicing oil, CMP wastewater, nano-filtration molecular sieve for special applications membranes manufacturing and system design.

  High solid content industrial wastewater recycling and harmless treatment.
  Municipal wastewater treatment and recycling.
  Bacteria removing of drinking and industrial pure water.
  Pre-processing of the RO system.
  ED paint recycling.
  Recovery of precious metals sludge such as Ag, Cu.
  The wafer dicing oil separation and recovery.
  PVA recycling of textile and dyeing industry, wastewater treatment and sludge reduction.
  CMP wastewater treatment and concentrated
  Single / multi sugar selective separation by molecular weight.
  Separation and concentration of proteins, enzymes and sugar decolorization

  Manufacturing, marketing, technology transfer and cooperation of different materials of UF, NF, and RO membranes sheet, elements, and module, including PVDF, PS, PES, PAN, CTA, et al.
  Spiral wound membrane elements: UF8040, 6040, 4040, 2540, 2521, 2520, 1812, with different materials, connector and spacers.
  Flat plate membrane units: MBR0518, 0512, 0508, 0303, as well as any designated sizes.
  Various types of wastewater treatment, sludge recycling, separation and purification system planning, design, manufacturing, installation, consulting services.