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Specialized ED paint UF memberane




The material of these series of UF membrane is PVDF according to the MWCO range. It is more suitable for anodic and cathodic paint. The spacer is selected for more membrane area and low resistance, which is difficult to fouling for the pigment, oil and colloidal impurities.


Membrane PVDF
Membrane supporter Polyester
Permeate pipe PVC
Baffle ABS plastic
Seal ring EPDM
Feed channel PP net, 34mils





Max. input pressure 60psi(4.1bar)
Normal input pressure 40〜60psi(2.7〜4.1bar)
Min. output pressure 10psi(0.7bar)
Max. ΔP 25psi(1.7bar)/pc
Min. ΔP 15psi(1.0bar)/pc
Max. operation temp. 122℉ (50℃)
pH (long term) 2〜10
pH (short term or clean) 2〜[email protected]℉ (50℃)










Type Length(A) Permeate pipe ID/OD(B) OD of element (C) Connector length(D) Membrane area
Inches(mm) Inches(mm) Inches(mm) Inches(mm) ft2(m2)
4020F 20(508) 0.748(19) 3.91(99.4) - 32(3.0)
4040F 40(1016) 0.748(19) 3.91(99.4) - 75(7.0)
4040M 40(1016) 0.748(19),OD 3.91(99.4) 1.063(27) 73(6.8)
6040M 40(1016) 1.237(31.4),OD 5.75(146) 0.854(21.7)
8040F 40(1016) 1.142(29) 7.91(201) - 285(26.5)


A standard product of spiral membrane element covers the FRP. PVC or PP plastic package are also acceptable per special order. The seal ring is set at the feed input side, or move to the output position for the customer's requirements.




Type Feed flow rate
Permeate flow rate GPM(LPM)
Cathodic paint Anodic paint
4020 22(5) 0.25(0.95) 0.34(1.3)
4040 22(5) 0.60(2.32) 0.8(3.0)
6040 44(10) 1.2(4.54) 1.6(6)
8040 88(20) 2.0(7.6) 3.2(12)


★The results vary according to the properties of ED paint, equipment status and operating conditions.



  Anodic / cathodic ED paint     Alkaline cleaning agent recovery
  Aqueous-based paint     PVA recovery
  Waste water re-use     Almost all paint can be recycled and pure water be saving by using this kind of UF membrane